The Premium Vaja Bridge Leather

Posted by Marcel Key on 22nd May 2017

Only the best get better with age.
As Vaja's premium Argentinian Bridge leather ages, its natural patina and luster only gets better with time due to oxidation from the air and sun as well as the natural oils present in your skin. The lighter colors like London, Camel and Orange will darken considerably over time.


Variety of Grain
The leather of Vaja cases is taken from different parts of the hide. The further you move away from the center of the cow
down towards the stomach, the looser and more wrinkly and veiny the leather becomes. Fat wrinkles in the hide are pebbled in texture and form long lines where the fat creases used to be. We believe that these attributes add character and uniqueness to the leather's inherent and natural beauty.


As leather ages, its natural patina and luster only gets better with time due to oxidation from contact with air, sun and the natural oils present in your skin. Because we only use natural dyes with Vaja leather, no two pieces are exactly alike.

Scarring and Bug Bites
Deep scars on the hide are avoided in the cutting process because they are weaker and prone to ripping. Cuttings with soft scars that do not compromise strength are used for the insides and backs of our cases as they are visually appealing and unique. The small dark brown dots look like freckles on the hide. Although they can add an element of uniqueness to the hide, we try to use hides that are bite free when appropriate.

How to take care of leather case:
Lighter hues of Bridge Leather, like our London, Camel, Orange and Caramelo colors will continue to vary in color with normal use as each piece is truly a continually evolving, living canvas that highlights the refined and inherent splendor of full-grain, naturally tanned leather. Bridge Leather is very sensitive to oil, ink, coffee and water. If it gets wet, simply dry the item naturally away from direct heat. The spot should disappear over time. Never use stain remover. Avoid extended periods of direct sunlight as this can dry out the leather.