Mujjo Leather Wallet Case iPhone 8+/7+/6+/6S+ Plus - Black

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iPhone 8+ Plus, iPhone 7+ Plus, iPhone 6S+ Plus, iPhone 6+ Plus

Mujjo Leather Wallet Case iPhone 8+/7+/6+/6S+ Plus - Black designed to hold 2 to 3 of your essential cards such as ID and bank cards, Mujjo Leather Wallet Case iPhone 8+/7+/6+/6S+ Plus - Black eliminates bulky pockets. Already adored and adopted by many who have become dependent upon it, this case will protect your iPhone 8+/7+/6+/6S+ Plus and carry your cards all in one sleek package.


  • Eliminate bulky pockets
    Enhanced with our Moulded Edge Technology for added durability and based on the design of its popular predecessor, Mujjo’s leather wallet case is already beloved by legions worldwide. Crafted out of high quality vegetable-tanned leather, this case protects your iPhone and eliminates the need for bulky pockets with its integrated cards slot. Able to hold 2 or 3 of your essential cards, you'll soon grow to rely upon it.
    Tailor-made according to Mujjo’s innovative patterns, our timeless piece provides a simple solution to making your life just a bit more convenient.
  • Suede interior
    The suede-lined case interior is made from our signature vegetable-tanned leather. The smooth surface with a sophisticated soft touch and a satin-like finish ensure luxurious padding comfort for your iPhone 8+/7+/6+/6S+ Plus.
  • Understated craftsmanship
    We’ve designed the iPhone 8+/7+/6+/6S+ Plus wallet case as simple as possible. The leather card pocket, marked by a slant line and stitched to the back of the case, provides an opening to conveniently store your essential cards. In line with our vision, the wallet case is contemporary and still remarkably simple. It doesn’t shout, ‘look at me,’ but rather calmly hints craftsmanship through its understated appearance, which is due in considerable part to the premium quality of our signature vegetable-tanned leather.
    Openings of the case expose the volume rockers and lighting connector; enabling users to listen to their favorite music and charge their iPhone 8+/7+/6+/6S+ Plus while the device is protected.
  • Moulded Edge Technology
    Made from a durable, polished polycarbonate, our highly acclaimed Moulded Edge Technology strengthens the durability of the leather at its most fragile points. Moulded Edge Technology is a major step-up and is proven to protect the phone's weakest areas and toughen the edges of the case. This enables it to withstand the damaging wear and tear caused by friction against rough materials, such as jean pockets.
Product Dimensions:
119.38 x 76.2 x 223.52 mm
Product Weight:
28.35 g
Packaging Weight:
136.08 g